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PhD, Physics, University of California San Diego
MS, Physics, University of California at San Diego
BS, Astrophysics, University of California at Los Angeles


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My research interests are in the area of physics education, specifically undergraduate physics students and their (1) sense-making and metacognitive practices, and (2) ability to coordinate multiple representations of physics ideas and problems (representational fluency). I’m particularly interested in how these aspects of physics learning develop during undergraduate study and over the physics major. These skills are critical to success in physics and other STEM disciplines, and helping more students master these skills will improve STEM education for all and hopefully lead to greater participation of underrepresented groups in physics and STEM more broadly. I am involved with several grants about the Paradigms in Physics program, a novel upper-division physics program at Oregon State University. I am also involved in the Physics Calculus to the Surface project, where we have created a set of activities for introductory and upper-division where students collaborate to discover and explore multivariable calculus concepts and geometric relationships. These activities are student-centered, involving dry-erasable surfaces and contour maps of functions of two variables.
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