TitleSurface Models and Multiple External Representations in Paradigms
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAlfson, Jonathan W., Paul J. Emigh, Aaron Wangberg, Robyn Wangberg, and Elizabeth Gire
Venue/ConferenceAmerican Association of Physics Teachers Annual Winter Meeting
CityRemote via Underline
Publication Languageeng

The Paradigms in Physics program often incorporates activities that encourage exploration of multiple representations simultaneously. In this poster, we discuss an electrostatics activity that occurs near the beginning of the Static Fields Paradigm. We detail one group's use of multiple representations, including a plastic surface model of the potential due to an electric quadrupole. Our analysis examines the features and functions of the external representations, as well as the order in which the representations were provided to the students. We specifically answer the question of how the representations supported inquiry during this activity.

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