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Paradigms in Physics: Representations of Partial Derivatives, Gire, Elizabeth , 2016 EnFUSE Symposium, 04/2016, Washington, DC, (2016)
Representations of Partial Derivatives, Gire, Elizabeth, Dray Tevian, Manogue Corinne A., and Roundy David , EnFUSE Symposium 2016, Washington, D.C., (2016)
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From Fear to Fun in Thermodynamics, Roundy, David, Gupta Ayush, Wagner Joseph F., Dray Tevian, Kustusch Mary Bridget, and Manogue Corinne A. , Physics Education Research Conference 2013, p.42-45, (2013)
An Expert Path through a Thermo Maze, Kustusch, Mary Bridget, Roundy David, Dray Tevian, and Manogue Corinne , American Institute of Physics, Volume 1513, p.234–237, (2012)